Company Background and Information
Headquartered in Ermelo, the Netherlands, iCmax bv was founded in 1993 and is a privately held corporation. It is member of Ermer Beheer bv, a holding with more than US$300 million in worldwide annual sales. iCmax is global provider of visual technology, including computer monitors and flat panel displays for today's internet, business, education, entertainment and professional markets.

iCmax as Technology Provider
A large part of iCmax success stems from an innovative production approach that enables the company to design, produce and distribute its products faster and more cost effectively than competitors. Rather than adopting traditional, slower processes, iCmax has developed a business model that allows the company to quickly match advanced technologies from research laboratories around the world to market demands.


iCmax is committed to meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations in quality, value and innovation.

In addition, iCmax's ability and dedication to deliver products to the market ahead of its competition remains a primary focus of the company. Unlike some of its primary competitors, iCmax is exclusively devoted to the visual technology business, which enables the company to better focus its resources.

iCmax also makes maintaining strong, trust-based partnerships with its business partners a top priority.